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17 juillet 2009 5 17 /07 /juillet /2009 17:04
My appologies to the english speaking family and friends, I have now ended the studies, so now I should have an ocean full of time to update you on the steps related to our search for external relations and funding of our project. Meanwhile I was studying Olivier kept updating our blog very frequently, which makes my task considerably easy. Inspiring of what he has written until now, I hereby go back in time, in order to provide you an overview of our different steps taken in the last months.

January 2009

We have identified around thirty potential financial partners: from governmental institutions to associations, foundations, individuals and radio stations. The first person contacted was a lady named Marguerite. Marguerite is an extraordinary lady, who Olivier knows. She lives in Essonne where Olivier grew up. She spoke to her son, who is mayor of a small community and also member of the general counsel in the same province. This gentleman already contributed financialy to a project in Chili that Olivier carried out a few years ago. This time unfortunately our project could not benefit of his financial support, as Olivier nor I live in the town nor the region. Marguerite did indicate that she would help us out on an individual basis for which we truly thank her.

March 2009

Through an institution called La Fondation de France, we found names of foundations that could possibly be interested in our project. We contacted a foundation called Hipporcréne (http://www.fondation-hippocrene.fr). One of the aims of this foundation is to support cultural projects in Europe. Taking into account this aim, we deposited our request to this foundation beginning of March. Shortly after that we received the response of the foundation, which was negatif.

Olivier tried several times to phone them in vane in order to understand the reasons for their refusal. He identified for himself the folowing two reasons; firstly our project may have been insufficiently elaborated, too young and not enough thought about. Secondly the foundation supports primarily musical projects that are oriented to the youngsters and especially clasical music. But our project is not focussed on this particular kind of music. We concluded that we have not oriented correctly our request, but this can only be confirmed ones someone from the foundation can be spoken to directly.

By the end of March, we have also filed in a request to an organisation called Guilde du raid (http://www.la-guilde.org), in order to benefit from the grant called SPB de l'aventure. The winners of the grant would have been known around the 11 of June, so a long wait was expected! 

May 2009

By mid of May we sent our project to the Dutch embassy in Paris and also to the Ford Foundation. We decided to send in a request to the Embassy of the Netherlands in France, because of the fact that I have the Dutch nationality. We detailed our request in a lettre to the embassy, in a nutshell our project is intercultural. As a matter of fact we do represent our countries during our journey. Our objectif was to obtain the participations of these countries. Our intentions are in no way to "sell" our respectif countries, but more promote France and the Netherlands and offcourse Curaçao. One question that is always raised while travelling is: "where do you come from?". This question automatically refers to origins, nationalities and cultural identities. This confrontation is unavoidable and also one of the interesting parts in meeting others.

As we will be travelling around in our Ford Transit Van, we decided that it would be more than natural to file in a request to the Ford Foundation. During our journey to the East on highways, in small villages, on bumpy roads and also mountaineous regions, we will definately be advertising the Ford brand.

The Ford foundation is an important foundation, who has branches in several countries but not in Western Europe. The foundation supports projects that favors intercultural knowledge and peace. Our documents needed to be send to their offices in the United States. They confirmed that they received our request, but we need to contact them later in order to know the outcome of the deliberations of the committee.

The following steps will be : the embassies of the visiting countries, an association called "Elele" (friends of us a french-turkish couple spoke to us about this association), radio France. Lots of work still ahead.

On the 30 of May we received the good news, that close family members will participate to our project with a generous amount of 1.000 €. This amount will added to the sum necessary for the purchase of the equipment to register. We grately appreciate their contribution and sincerely thank them.

June 2009

This month of June was filled with lots of information, responses, good and less good ones. We received two responses. One from the Embassy of the Netherlands in France and the other from the Foundation Salabert. Unfortunately both of them refused our demands.

The Salabert foundation: evoked the fact that our project is not linked to contemporary music. We were a bit surprised by this argument. We did contact them beforehand explaining the details about our project, so they knew already that we were not planning to register a specific kind of music. On the contrary our objectif is to illustrate as much as possible the musical diversity. Neverteless it is true that this is a small foundation with a modest budget that supports a limited number of projects uniquely focussed on contemporary music.

The Dutch embassy in France: indicated that their main objectif is to promote the dutch culture in France. The region of Eastern Europe is not a priority in the budget of their cultural programme. Another reason brought forward was that they do not finance the production of CDs. I decided to file in this request, as I was certain that this institution will provide us some help. As mentionned in the letter to the embassy we will be « unofficial ambassadors » of our respectif countries. Born in Curaçao I thought able to touch their hearts with this story about representing the Netherlands. Maybe I have succeeded in thouching their hearts, but appartanly not their wallets. Olivier suggested me to call them and see if anything could be negociated. Knowing the dutch culture, I thought it was no use in calling, as in the Netherlands a "no" means "no".

We realised that we were not such sucessfull in the institutional dialogue, but what concerns our more close network of family and friends, we did book more success. Other family and friends indicated their will to support our project.

A few of my family members paid us a visit in June and they contributed with 50 € to our project. Two other colleagues from my work gave us their contribution of 100 € to our project. We thank them and appreciate the fact that our projects interests them.
On the 10th of June, we received an email from la Guilde du Raid : our project did obtain their approval. The members of the jury SPB have hold back 7 out of the 81 projects that have been submitted to them.  In the first instance no information has been provided as to the reasons for this refusal. Later on Olivier contacted them and they indicated that the jury found that ou project was lack a more athletic dimension.

July 2009

Olivier worked for the last three years in a french association. He negotiated the termination of his workcontract by mutual consent. His last working day was the 10th of July. Before his last working day, his team of colleagues offered a contribution of 425 € in order to finance the purchase of the recording equipment and also the making of the CD.
This is a big contribution that we appreciated greatly. Olivier was particularly touched by this gesture from his former colleagues and the contribution of the employer. This gift arrived without any particular request from our side.

Another good news was received all the way from Dubai. A friend of me living there, is willing to add this big contribution of 500 € to our project. We are very happy with this gesture and are touched by the interest generated in our project.

In general we may not have enough words to thank each and everyone that has contributed to our project. We are very touched by the gesture of everybody. The financial help obtained until now sums up to 4.075 €, the amount 2.075 € will be obtained before the trip and will be used for the purchase of the recording equipement the other amount of 2.000 € will be received at our return for the making of the CD.

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  • En route vers l'Est et...musiqueS !
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