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31 août 2010 2 31 /08 /août /2010 18:04

It has been a long time since I posted the last article on this blog. Maybe because there was not much to tell..... Actually it is because of some radical changes in our lives changed my priorities. But during this time of silence, we have been actively working to finish the musical compilation. There were several aspects to look after in order to realize this great CD.



The selection
We started of by listening to the different tracks we recorded during our trip. There were 181 sound tracks in total. We listened to each one of them and gave notes. The criteria of notation were on four aspects;
-    The acoustic of the place the music was recorded (in the streets, in a house, in a piano bar, etc)
-    The interpretation of the music
-    The composition
-    The quality of the recording

Our scale of grades was from 1 to 4. The number 1 was the lowest rating and number 4 was the highest one.

It took us something like three weeks to listen to everything and make our selection. It was not always easy to choose between the songs of the same artists. The scores were very tight and scrutiny was needed to select the track to be retained for the CD.

The sound
Ones our selection has been decided upon, Olivier started working with Michel Hausséguy. Michel is a professional sound engineer that offered us a great help for free. Olivier and Michel listened to each of the selected sound tracks and did the mastering of each and everyone. It was a hard task to accomplish and it took them around three months to have all the work done. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Michel for the great help he gave us. His fine ears and technical know-how enabled us to have a harmonized and professional sound on our CD.

The text
We decided to write the information on the CD only in English. Indeed this limit us a little bit in France as everyone doesn’t speak English here. If we had doubled the information in two languages (French and English); the time, energy and costs of realizing the CD would have been doubled too. We had a strict budget to hold to, so the decision was taken to minimize the costs.

We made a first draft of the text containing the information we wanted to share on the booklet of the CD. Firstly talk about the project and the trip itself. Secondly introduce each artist or group of artist, by giving information about their work and their instruments, the conditions in which they have been recorded them and the place and country the recording took place. Finally we wanted to pay tribute to all those that helped us out in one-way or the other in realizing this project.

Our friend and favorite translator Paige Mitchel helped us out freely to read our text and make the necessary changes in order to obtain a well-written text in a good English. Although Paige is a professional translator and lives from her work through her company – Le Sens – she still offered us her help for free. 

The graphic design
Through a friend we were brought in contact with Damien Rochette, a graphic artist. Through his company Eclictik, Damien worked with Olivier to determine what is the best graphic design for our CD. It was important to bring in light our project, the idea behind it, the musicians and the countries visited. Quiet a lot of back and forts were needed in order to obtain the final version.

We had to make a selection of the hundred pictures we made during the trip. The chosen pictures had to show the different artist but also emphasize the fact that we met these artists in their different countries with their own cultural, historical and geographical heritage.

Copyrights and royalties
Before submitting the package to the pressing company we had to get the authorization from Sacem, the French company that protects the royalties of artist. Even though our CD is distributed for free, we still owed money to this organization as some tracks are protected.

We registered the tracks electronically through their system on their web page. We had to pay the sum of 192,24 EUR, which was a minor sum considering the number of tracks.

Once this was paid off our project had its own registration number and everything was in order to submit the package to the pressing company.

The pressing of the CD
We choose D1 Management, who had the best price offer and also the best service.  

The result
On Monday 23rd of August 2010 we received from the transport company the boxes with our CD. We are very HAPPY with the result. We have in our hands the fruit of our efforts of the last 18 months. We are eager to share with each and everyone this CD.

How to obtain it ? Very very easy.
Just give us your name and address and you will receive it in your mailbox. No charge!!
You can click on “contact” on the right side of this blog and indicate your name and address and we will receive your information. 

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