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6 décembre 2009 7 06 /12 /décembre /2009 22:10

So on the Monday (30/11/09) afternoon we drove back from Dubrovnik the 15 km in order to cross the border of Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Then we had to drive approximately 95 km to get to the nearest town in Montenegro. On the way we crossed the border of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. Before entering Montenegro we had to pay an ecological tax, that costs 10 euros.

We arrived in the town called Niksic on that same day. Ones in the town, we had the impression that they were using the Euro as their currency, eventhough Montenegro is not part of the EU. Indeed Montenegro adopted the Euro as their currency, this was confirmed at the post office that also exchanged money. But they don´t exchange any kind of money. As we had Croatian Kunna's we wanted to exchange them against Euros. Guess what ? At the post office they told us that they do not exchange kunnas nor dinars. So two currencies of their neighbouring countries they don't accept in the exchange office, I thought that was kind of strange and not very loyal to the neighbours.

Niksic was a small town, but still with a nightlife. We knew that there were no concerts programmed on that Monday, but we still paid a visit to a Jazz Bar and another disco called Diesel. People go out early, around 9:00 pm the disco was already crowded, it was fun seeing the girls dancing and singing along on the Montenegro songs, but ones the DJ put English songs, the girls where not singing anymore. In the Jazz Bar, I received quiet a lot of attention. In my opinion they are not so used to seeing black people in Niksic. At least three gentlemen came and ask me to have my picture taken with them.

We didn't have luck with the wheather in Montenegro. The next day is was pouring rain, so we decided to drive to the coast hoping to find better wheather and also see different parts of this small country. On our way we tried to visit a Monastery. First we drove up the hills for about 30 minutes. Then when we got to the chapel it was closed. There was a building, probably the monastery that was constructed on the edge of the mountains overlooking the valley. As it was raining so much, parts of the road looked almost like a river, so we decided to not continue driving up the hill. The bad and cloudy wheather also impeded us of enjoying the scenery let alone take any pictures to share with you.

In order to get to the coast, we had to take smaller roads. We drove something like two hours on small roads in mountains. We were driving at a height of 1500 meters. The roads were narrow, there was even some traces of snow, but that didn't matter too much as we almost didn't cross anybody.

The villages we went through seemed deserted.

After all this driving and the sun going down, we finally saw lights down in a valley so hope to find civilisation. 

We drove down a distance of 20 km that took us an hour to acheive. The road consisted only of curves and the slope was quiet steep. Every 200 meters we had to take a left or a right curve. Eventhough it was dark, we could imagine that it was a superb scenery. The area was also listed by Uneso for its amazing natural beauty.

Ones down at the sea level, not only it stopped raining, but also we encountered a town called Kotor that was marvelous.  At Kotor we celebrated our 12.000 km milestone. The kilometer stand of Bubule was showing 134.446 km.

Kotor is a town surrounded by ancient walls, the walls continue in the mountain just behind the town. What used to be a fortress has been build on the edge of the mountain. Olivier walked up the stairs all the way up. He said that the fortress dated from the 15th century and has also been used later in the 20th century as a bunker in period of war. Parts of the walls were quiet in ruin, so it was a sportive event to walk up and down that slope. I didn't have the courage to go as high and at the end I was glad I didn't.

His visit was deffinitely worth it, as he brought with him some wonderful pictures with a  spectacular view over the bay of Kotor. It is like two arms of the Adriatic sea entering inland and surrounded by mountains. Eventhough it was still a bit cloudy the next day, we could admire the beauty of the place.

On the Wednesday (02/12/09) we drove along the bay and headed back to Croatia. After our two days visit of the country of Montenegro, filled with quiet some rain, we were still very much impressed by the natural beauty of the country.

We didn't meet any musicians, but that was probably more related to the short period we stayed and also beginning of the week it can be more difficult then at the end of it.

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cathia 09/12/2009 15:25

les jours défilent à une vitesse...la semaine prochaine vous êtes de retour... en voyant bubulle en blue, je pense à tous les automobilistes que vous allez faire flipper sur les routes de France
;)... allez courage ici il fait beau, des biz

Olivier & Harriette 11/12/2009 11:06

En effet les jours passent vite, nous sommes en Slovenie actuellement, dans 2 jours nous allons demarrer le voyage de retour. En espérant que ni la gendarmerie ni EDF nous arretent pour tentative
de les ressembler, bisoux H & O

Lorna Elenburg 07/12/2009 23:19

Hola chica mi a kaba di manda un commentaire pa Olivier, riba e bonita paisaje nan ku boso
a saka hopi impresionante, dia boso bini aki banda ku bishita mi ta spero boso tin tur e fotonan ku nos por gaza di nan.


Olivier & Harriette 11/12/2009 11:03

Si nos a lesa bo commentario. E palabra na Frances pa paisaje ta mesun kos ku na papiamentu "paysage". In ieder geval ku un tiki traducion nos tur dos a comprende. Abrazos di H & O


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