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8 décembre 2012 6 08 /12 /décembre /2012 11:05

Dear friends !


We are happy to present, for those who have not seen it yet, our movie "In road to the east and to music !"


You can see it at :


Bon voyage !

...please fell free to comment the movie on our blog !


Olivier et Harriette

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8 février 2011 2 08 /02 /février /2011 22:41

 Have you ever heard about "Crossing the bridge - The sound of Istanbul" ?




This movie was made in 2005 by film director Fateh Akin (who already directed  "Soul Kitchen", "Head-on", etc.) Mr. Akin is a german-turkish director, much more famous in Europe than in Turkey. In this movie, the idea was to shoot Alexander Hacke (bassist of the famous german band "Einstürzende Neubauten"), in his peregrination in Istanbul, looking for musicians to record them, and showing the great musical diversity of the city.   


The link between this movie and  "In road to the east" project is obvious. We already knew about this movie long time before we went on our trip. We must say we were inspired by its idea, even without having seen it.  But we didn't want to watch the movie before going and making our trip, in order not to reproduce the same things. So we've been waiting until we went back to France to watch it and....we were not disapointed !


This great movie is filmed like a musical documentary, through the quest of Mr. Hacke in the city. Of course, with much more financial means than ours . But I think that the result is quite comparable : in both cases, we have a window on the great diversity of music that we can find everywhere we go, whether it is in various countries or in only one city.  You just have to look for it !


What else can we say ? We can only warmly recommend you this movie !  Available only in good dvd shops...


See the trailer here :  http://www.crossingthebridge.de/english/trailer.html




For more info about Mr Hacke or Einstürzende Neubauten :




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31 août 2010 2 31 /08 /août /2010 18:04

It has been a long time since I posted the last article on this blog. Maybe because there was not much to tell..... Actually it is because of some radical changes in our lives changed my priorities. But during this time of silence, we have been actively working to finish the musical compilation. There were several aspects to look after in order to realize this great CD.



The selection
We started of by listening to the different tracks we recorded during our trip. There were 181 sound tracks in total. We listened to each one of them and gave notes. The criteria of notation were on four aspects;
-    The acoustic of the place the music was recorded (in the streets, in a house, in a piano bar, etc)
-    The interpretation of the music
-    The composition
-    The quality of the recording

Our scale of grades was from 1 to 4. The number 1 was the lowest rating and number 4 was the highest one.

It took us something like three weeks to listen to everything and make our selection. It was not always easy to choose between the songs of the same artists. The scores were very tight and scrutiny was needed to select the track to be retained for the CD.

The sound
Ones our selection has been decided upon, Olivier started working with Michel Hausséguy. Michel is a professional sound engineer that offered us a great help for free. Olivier and Michel listened to each of the selected sound tracks and did the mastering of each and everyone. It was a hard task to accomplish and it took them around three months to have all the work done. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Michel for the great help he gave us. His fine ears and technical know-how enabled us to have a harmonized and professional sound on our CD.

The text
We decided to write the information on the CD only in English. Indeed this limit us a little bit in France as everyone doesn’t speak English here. If we had doubled the information in two languages (French and English); the time, energy and costs of realizing the CD would have been doubled too. We had a strict budget to hold to, so the decision was taken to minimize the costs.

We made a first draft of the text containing the information we wanted to share on the booklet of the CD. Firstly talk about the project and the trip itself. Secondly introduce each artist or group of artist, by giving information about their work and their instruments, the conditions in which they have been recorded them and the place and country the recording took place. Finally we wanted to pay tribute to all those that helped us out in one-way or the other in realizing this project.

Our friend and favorite translator Paige Mitchel helped us out freely to read our text and make the necessary changes in order to obtain a well-written text in a good English. Although Paige is a professional translator and lives from her work through her company – Le Sens – she still offered us her help for free. 

The graphic design
Through a friend we were brought in contact with Damien Rochette, a graphic artist. Through his company Eclictik, Damien worked with Olivier to determine what is the best graphic design for our CD. It was important to bring in light our project, the idea behind it, the musicians and the countries visited. Quiet a lot of back and forts were needed in order to obtain the final version.

We had to make a selection of the hundred pictures we made during the trip. The chosen pictures had to show the different artist but also emphasize the fact that we met these artists in their different countries with their own cultural, historical and geographical heritage.

Copyrights and royalties
Before submitting the package to the pressing company we had to get the authorization from Sacem, the French company that protects the royalties of artist. Even though our CD is distributed for free, we still owed money to this organization as some tracks are protected.

We registered the tracks electronically through their system on their web page. We had to pay the sum of 192,24 EUR, which was a minor sum considering the number of tracks.

Once this was paid off our project had its own registration number and everything was in order to submit the package to the pressing company.

The pressing of the CD
We choose D1 Management, who had the best price offer and also the best service.  

The result
On Monday 23rd of August 2010 we received from the transport company the boxes with our CD. We are very HAPPY with the result. We have in our hands the fruit of our efforts of the last 18 months. We are eager to share with each and everyone this CD.

How to obtain it ? Very very easy.
Just give us your name and address and you will receive it in your mailbox. No charge!!
You can click on “contact” on the right side of this blog and indicate your name and address and we will receive your information. 

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11 juin 2010 5 11 /06 /juin /2010 12:08


...I REPEAT...




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10 mars 2010 3 10 /03 /mars /2010 13:12

This is one of the big thank you moments. It comes later than the French article published already in December by Olivier. But believe me it is as much meant now in English.


We would like to extend our gratitude to:


- all the ones who helped us to make this trip possible, with their finance and also all other  support provided.

- all the friends and nice people we met on the road. We particularly remember the ones who helped us with information or advices about places to go, people to meet and where to listen to music. Following their advices we slightly modified our itinerary, and we are very happy we did it !

- all the readers of this blog who followed our journey (either continously or from time to time), who participated with their comments and interest. In this way you encouraged us to maintain the work rythm and update the blog regularly (we confess that making a blog is an awfull lot of effort).

- Last, but not least we of course like to thank : the MUSICIANS. Almost all of them agreeds for us to record their music freely, it is thanks to the musicians that we have all this recording  material now, enabling us to make a nice CD !

But we certainly do not forget all those who helped us meet the musicians, their help was very valuable and even essential.

Harriette and Olivier


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22 janvier 2010 5 22 /01 /janvier /2010 17:58

During our trip we went through 16 different countries. We used eleven different currencies. The oil prices in Bulgaria and in Bosnia & Herzegovina were the cheapest. Turkey was the country with the most expensive gas price and also the country where we drove the most kilometres.

Just to give you an idea we indicated in below table a summary of the situation in the different countries.


Country Currency Exchange against euro Oil prices per litre  (indicated in euros)
Switzerland Franc 1,47 CHF N/A
Germany Euro - N/A
Czech Republic Koruny 26 Czk 1,10 €
Austria Euro - N/A
Slovakia Euro - 1,10 €
Hungary Forints 267 HUF 1,05 €
Romania Lei 4 RON 1,05 €
Bulgaria Levda 2 BGN 0,90 €
Turkey Lira 2 TRL  1,60 €
Greece Euro - 1,10 €
Macedonia Denar 60 MKD  1,00 €
Republic of Serbia Dinar 93 RSD  1,05 €
Bosnie Convertible Marks 2 BAM  0,95 €
Croatia Kunna 7 HRK  1,10 €
Slovenia Euro - 1,15 €
Italy Euro - 1,26 €
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24 décembre 2009 4 24 /12 /décembre /2009 16:19

For our dear English speaking readers who wish to contact us (for instance, to get our CD for free) here is the procedure :

1 Click on “contact” on the right column

2 Fill in the form (name, email, subject, message, copy the 3 characters as indicated, click on “envoyer”)

3 If you wish to get the CD (to be released in April 2010) don’t forget to leave your post address in your message !


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24 décembre 2009 4 24 /12 /décembre /2009 15:58

We arrived back in France on Tuesday the 15th of December. We arrived at 8:40 pm in a freezing Lyon.


We hereby extend a golden award to our faithful Bubule. Our van crossed between the 19th of August until the 15th of December 2009 a total of 14.048 kilometres. 

Not only he drove us everywhere, but also without any problems. We never stopped along the road because of car problems and we didn't have to change not even ones the tires because of flat tires.

After 22 years, his engine is still up and running perfectly and we recorded his sound at the last morning of the 15th of December in Italy especially for you. 


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24 décembre 2009 4 24 /12 /décembre /2009 15:29

DSC05029-HWe arrived in Italy on the 12th of December.  Leaving  Ljubljana our destination was the Italian city called Trieste. Trieste is a city DSC05025-Hconstructed along the Adriatic Sea.This part of Italy is quiet narrow, a somewhat extension of what we saw in Croatia. We had to drive down mountains to get to the sea level and arrive in Trieste. It was very windy in the city.


We didn't even spend 24 hours in the city. Enough time though to have a nice Italian meal, visit an exhibit and have a walk in the city. The city itself was not particularly beautiful, filled with quiet some high building blocks.

In order to finish our journey like they say in French « en beauté » we decided to make a stop at Venice. We arrived in the town on Sunday the 13th of December and started a nocturnal visit of this marvellous city. The following day we had more time to admire the city, its houses, its canals, its small cafés, its bridges, its churches, its souvenir shops and all different things this city has to offer. We visited the basilica situated on the Plaza San Marco. It was marvellous. The walls and ceilings were covered with an amazing masterpiece of mosaic. The works of art dated from different centuries starting from the 12th century. It was very impressive. I think the pictures will tell a story by their own.





Before leaving Venice, we had our interview with our favourite French journalist, Eugénie Barbezat. She proposed us to have a live broadcast on the radio Aligre FM before we arrive in France. We will be putting this recording on our blog shortly.

Our last day and a half was used for driving the 700 km separating us from the French border.  We drove along places and towns called Milano, Novarra, Torino. We didn't really stop to visit all these places for that more days were needed and it was not really planned in our trip.




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23 décembre 2009 3 23 /12 /décembre /2009 19:36

On Tuesday the 8th of December 2009 we were parked at only 20 km from the border between Croatia and Slovenia. Our first stop in Slovenia was the little town called Metlika. Ones in the town, we found this wine bar to drink and buy wine. In Slovenia they are not so much into free wine tasting. You actually have to pay for a glass of wine if you want to taste a particular one. As it was before noon, Olivier wasn't up to drinking too much. However he still tasted two or three different red wines. Finally we bought a few bottles of red wine of the Slovenian grape called

« Modra Frankinja »


We then continued in direction of the town called Novo Mesto, which is at 30 km away from Metlika. Ones arrived there, it was raining so much we decided to stay in a private appartment called "the Ravbar appartments". We were pleasantly surprised by a nice encounter with father Ravbar. He told us about his son called Uros Ravbar and the wife of his son Kristina Ravbar. The couple left in 2004 for a round the world trip and lasted for 25 months bringing them in 5 different continents, with a 4-wheel drive. We saw the book they published as a result of their long journey, which was very impressive. Uros Ravbar is a professional photographer, so the pictures were very nice. There is more to discover and know about their project on the their internet site called: www.ravbar.org Father Ravbar gave us a discount for the night, probably just because we were travellers as his son. We had a nice and pleasant stay at "the Ravbar appartments".



The father Ravbar also managed to bring us in contact with Juri. Juri organises every year a Jazz festival in Novo Mesto. The festival is organised each year in August and last august they celebrated their 10th anniversary. DSC04636-H We agreed with Juri to meet him that same night in a bar in town called Lokal Patriot bar. Juri came with his friend Mathei and we spend a very nice evening exchanging about music, politics, our project and their music. Both of the gentlemen are musicians and play in different groups. Juri plays the guitar and Mathei is a bassist. There were no concerts programmed during our visit, but they told us that there will be a jam session two days later in the same bar. We thought maybe coming back to Novo Mesto for the jam session. The evening finished with some sets of table football. We formed different teams and had great fun. That night we planned to maybe join Juri and Mathei to go hiking in the mountains the next day, but finally it didn't work out with our schedules and we decided to head for Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. 


In order to get to Ljubljana we thought of taking the highway but we had to pay a vignette of 15 euros with validity of one week, so we decided to take other roads instead. The roads in Slovenia are good, it just took us more time to get to Ljubljana.


Ones you are in the city you have the view over the snowed Alps in a distance. The temperature dropped in Ljubljana, so we decided to stay all three nights in hostel and hotels. One night we paid ourselves a particular hotel, called Slamic Bed & Breakfast. It was a somewhat expensive B&B which was very cosy, a way for us to celebrate the success of our musical journey. 



 In this holiday season there was a nice and festive atmosphere in town. Ljubljana was filled with stands selling gifts for Christmas and also their typical hot wine (red or white). I thought that the city was not very big and that there was a  Austrian/Hungarian atmosphere. You find a lot of people cycling, in this country they take the environment seriously and recycle a lot. We were definitely in  Europe in a particularly organised country.





We went to a concert of a group called Katalena that was performing during a festival of animated movies. The concert was organised in what used to be a power plant.The plant has been transformed into a cultural centre where concerDSC04730-Hts and festival are organised. I liked the music played by the group and the singer had a very nice voice. The group consists of six musicians: a guitarist, a keyboard player, drums, a base player, a singer and a musician playing different kind of wind instruments. They play Slovenian folk music where different sounds are added, changing completely the original soundtrack. While the group was playing, animated films were projected on the wall in the back of the stage. We had a chance to record their music. 


Another nice discovery we made in the city was this alternative area called Metelkova. Two guys, Aymet and Primoz, who work in this hip hop shop called « One Way » told us about this area and suggested us to go their to listen to some music. So we decided to spend our last night in Ljubljana in this area and we were not disappointed. The area consists of different compounds, that used to be military compounds. Sixteen years ago the place was abandoned and some people decided to occupy the place to use for cultural/artistic events. Each compound is managed by different people or groups of people. There are concert halls, art galleries, bars, cafés, atelier of artists etc.

DSC04834-HWe had a chance to visit three different compounds. In one we found a place where designers work and also sell the garments and other accessories. At the same time you can have a tea. The place was managed by this Israeli lady and her boyfriend. In the other compound there was a bar, where they sometimes have DJs playing music. You could have drinks for a very cheap price.

In the last place we visited you had an art gallery that was hosting a very DSC04835-H

funny work of art. Two Slovenian artists make their own trailers of known American movies, where the guy, Primoz Novak plays all men roles and the lady Nika Oblak plays all the female roles. Their trailers last for a few minutes and they are well done and very funny. We made some pictures of their movies to give you an idea about the joke behind it.


Next door to this art gallery there was this concert hall, where we would find all Slovenian music DSC04929-Hwe wanted to. On that Friday night there were five different groups programmed. One group was Italian, another one was a mix of Slovenia and Croatian, the other three groups were Slovenian. On the program we had heavy metal, rap, rock & roll and folk music. We spoke in advance with one of the organisers who has his own label company. He told us that it would be OK for the recordings, so we made quiet some recordings of that evening and had great fun. In a separate article we posted a track from the Slovenian/Croatian group called Lollobrigida. They rocked the place. 


During our visit of Ljubljana we visited the Slovenia Ethnological museum. It was an interesting museum where comparison is made between the Slovenian culture and different other cultures and human attitude. The set-up in the museum was not always very clear and the translation was not always done, making it now and then difficult to follow.


On Saturday the 12th of December, completely satisfied with nice music, we decided to leave Slovenia and head in direction of France. But before getting to France, we planned to drive through Italy.  Leaving  Ljubljana our destination was the Italy. We drove through a mountainous area where it was rather cold. We celebrated our 13.000 km milestone at a place called Postonja, which lies at approximately 40 km from the Italian border. The kilometre indicator of Bubule was showing 135.446 km. As Slovenia is part of Europe and also the Schengen region, there was no procedure to go through when crossing the border of Slovenia and Italy.



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